SSC CHSL 01 November Question Paper English General Intelligence Aptitude Awareness Question paper

SSC CHSL 01 November Question Paper English General Intelligence Aptitude Awareness Question paper

SSC Conducted combined higher secondary examination 2015 as on 01 November 2015 on various Examination Centers. This Examination Covered Various Topics General Intelligence, English,Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness Topics. Get Question Paper and other Details are Here….

General Intelligence:

General Awareness: 

1.Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India ?

2.When Did India become a fully sovereign Democratic Republic?

3.According to which article, state Legislative Council can be created or abolished ?

4.The last Dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate was the ?

5.The Great Bath was found at ?

6.Which country earned the tittle :The queen of Seats” ?

7.To whom did Allaudian Khiji Entrust the mission to conquer south ?

8.Who was first Delhi sultan to break the power of the Turkish nobles known as the “Chahalgani” or the “Forty”

9.The Earth is nearest to sun on ?

10.A sufficiently large scale map indicating the detailed surface features of an area including relief is called ?

11. The Lowest temperature is recorded by ?

12.The Most stable measure of central tendency is ?

13.of the following Rapsessed belongs to ?

14.Center for Ecological Science is situated at ?

15.The First National Part in India Is

16. Penicillin was discovered  by ?

17.Vitamin which provides immunity ?

18.Respiration is controlled by ………..part of brain ?

19.In Marine whales, the limbs are modifies as ?

20. The resistance of an ideal voltmeter is ?

21. which of the following work on the basis of conversation of linear momentum ?

22.A Defect of vision in which the points in one plane of an object appear in focus while those in another plane are out of focus is called ?

23. A Plane glass slab is kept over colored letters, the letters which appears least raised is ?


25. ICMP Is Used for ?

26. Mass Number is the Sum of ?

Aggregate Monetary Resource is ?

What is Hawala ?

Who is Founder of Homeopathy ?

When Is human Rights Day Celebrated ?

Television was invented by ?

The world Environment day is celebrated on

The Hard Enamel layer of teeth is ?

The two components of an eco system are

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SSC CHSL 2015 November Question paper