Depression, the Silent Killer

Depression, the Silent Killer


How many of us feel broken down and depressed in our present life situations?

Depression, the silent epidemic, is one of the leading causes for suicide among the youths. Our little world of today is governed by negativities like high levels of stress, break ups, competition, jealousies and the like. And our feelings of being down increase day by day. But those who feel down with chronic sadness and self loathing are often diagnosed with “clinical depression” or depression as an illness.

The alarming signs of depression

1. Loss of interest in life and activities. A prolonging mood of sadness and gloom, sense of guilt, lack of hope, low libido etc.depression_2

2. Decrease or increase in appetite.

3. Remarkable changes in weight.

4. Chronic pains and digestive problems that do not go away. Worsening of pre-existing health problems.

5. Insomnia or excessive sleep.

6. Lack of energy and difficulty in concentration.

7. Abnormal changes in temperament like irritability, aggression or recklessness.

8 Abnormal thoughts on the unworthiness of life and preoccupation with death.

While depression can be caused by just about any unhappiness in Life, sometimes a change of season can also cause it. Surprising, isn’t it? Yes, there are some of us who would brighten up on a sunny day and go gloomy on a dull rainy day.

It is also found that women are more prone to clinical depression than their male counterparts. Women with postpartum depression or dark dull moods after delivery also arouse concern. Not always depression will need the help of medicines.

Talk therapies for a few months can make a huge difference while the role of regular physical activity cannot be overlooked. Experts also advise socializing with friends and family and about having a pet of one’s own to love and pamper to combat depression. St. John’s Wort is a herb that is found to be effective in people with mild depression.

But more and more studies are needed on that front.

Wishing you good health, Regards, K.L. Thukral Disclaimer :

The statements here are suggestions and I do not offer any medical advice. You should always consult your doctor or any qualified medical practitioner for any symptoms.

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